Introducing Precious Piper | St. Mary's County Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Piper's Mama is a photographer herself so she knew exactly what she wanted for her session.  We decided on a lifestyle newborn session with a few posed shots included.  Piper made us work for the posed shots.  She was having one of those newborn, I want to be awake for four hours, moments lol.  She did great though and was very alert and aware of the camera.  Which meant a lot of great contact shots.

Piper's Snoopy Nursery.  Even the fan blades had snoopy on them.  So cute!!
 The whole family!!  Including the "first born" Chloe!!
 Hanging out with Chloe while Mom and Piper have a nursing session.
 Mom and Piper.
Dad and Piper
 Chloe and Piper.
 Hangin' in her crib with her snoopy's.
 and then finally in a peaceful slumber.

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