Steven & Brittany Engagment | Southern Maryland Engagement Photographer

Brittany and I went to church together growing up.  Our Grandparents are still in the same Sunday School class together.  So, of course, I was beyond thrilled when she contacted me about doing her engagement session.  She and Steven have amazing chemistry as a couple and I think that really shows through in their photos.   I'm so excited for their wedding and know if will be beyond beautiful.

We had our session on a crisp fall evening.  It had been really windy the week leading up to the session and with every gust of wind I cringed as I watched the leaves fall to the ground.  I was so thankful that their were still some left on the trees for our session.


  1. Awesome session Amanda! You really captured their love for one another :)

  2. Hey, these engagement photos have just taken my heart way. I loved everything in this shoot from the location to the weather and the cute couple itself. It feels like I was present over there just seeing these portraits. We too got engaged at one of the rental spaces for parties on this valentine’s day and it was a romantic day too.


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