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The summer is winding down and I thought that it would be a good time to start looking for nominees for my annual pretty in pink project.  I started this project last year to help bring awareness to the faces of breast cancer and highlight some special people during the month of October.

This year I will be taking nominations in August, holding the sessions in September, and posting the stories in October.  So bumping everything up by about a month.

For those who have been following my page for a while you may remember that this was all inspired by my awesome Grandmother, my Nan, who is a Breast Cancer Survivor.  Instead of donating a portion of my proceeds from the month of October to the cause I wanted to keep things closer to home and give back to some special women right here is the community.   

I myself have many female family members who are currently under treatment or are in remission.  I'll never forget the day we brought my Nan home from her double mastectomy and she started trying to do laundry and chores.  We, her very concerned family, quickly told her she shouldn't be doing that and her response was, "They didn't take my legs".  Seriously could she be any more awesome.  She amazes me to no end.    

As a photographer I love photographing women.  It is a unique opportunity to show them how we (the world) see them and not just how they look in a mirror.  A mirror often times only catches you head on with a blank look on your face...this is NOT how the world sees you.  We see emotion, smiles, the way you tilt your head when you listen, the way you drape your arms while you stand, the way your body speaks so much louder than your words.  It is such a gift to be able to show women a world beyond the mirror.

Last year I was overwhelmed by all of the wonderful nominations.  I felt blessed to be able to meet some wonderful, amazing people.  To be able to spend some time getting to know people I may not have otherwise ever met.  It was an honor and I'm so happy to be able to do these again.  Take you to everyone who took part last year and allowed me to share your beauty with the world.  

 I am looking for women who have been personally affected by breast cancer.  They can be self nominated or nominated by family or friends.  They will receive a full session with a disc of all of their images and a print release at no charge.  I will only be able  to  take a handful of nominees so to be fair if I receive more nominees than I can take on I will be using an app that will randomly pick the recipients of the sessions.  The names will be entered in and the app will choose the nominees and they will then be notified. The sessions are to take place in September at a location in Southern Maryland so please only nominate someone who will be available during that time. 

Families are encouraged to participate in the session if the nominee requests but the focus will be on the nominee and her beautiful self.

To nominate yourself or a loved one:

Email me at with the subject Pretty in Pink Nominee.  Tell me who the nominee is and who she is to you (friend, Mother, Sister, etc) You can share their stories if you choose but it is not a requirement. Nominations will be accepted until Monday August 25, 2014.  Nominees who are selected will be notified by September 1, 2014.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this.  If you don't know anyone to nominate please share this with your family and friends in case they know someone who might be interested.

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