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After school Ava came home and wrote out all of her little valentines. She spent so much time picking the perfect color gel pen to address each kids card. It had to be "their" color. She puts so much effort into being a good friend.

We found out this week that a classmate of hers has been taking things from her lunch.  I witnessed it on Monday while Hayden and I were there having lunch.  She told me after school that it happens a lot by the same girl.  We go to lunch with Ava at least once a week and I always notice this girl doesn't eat her sandwich and always complains that her lunch is gross and she doesn't like anything in it.  I have even had a conversation with her about fairness and packed lunches.  She didn't feel it was fair that other kids had things she didn't.  I tried my best to explain that it is up to each kids parent to pack their lunch and they won't all have the same things.  I also encouraged her to talk to her Mom and tell her what she liked in her lunches and what she didn't.  I told her that we don't always know what our kids want and it helps if they tell us.

I am so conflicted over this whole situation.  It makes me so sad for Ava that someone is taking her food because that's just not right no matter what the situation.  I put a lot of effort into Ava's lunches and try to make them fun and special.  I did a lot of research last year and settled on a planetbox for two reasons.  One, Ava hates for her food to touch and two, no annoying packaging to have to fight open every day.  *When I do go to lunch I spend a ton of time helping kids open capri suns, gogurts, pudding cups, fruit cups, etc.*

Here are some of her lunches...

So now I have to teach Ava that sometimes our friends do things that aren't very nice.  Things they shouldn't do and we have to stand up for ourselves.  We have to tell them that it is not ok and we don't like it.  I have to now teach my child to speak up and defend herself.  I was hoping we would get a bit further into school before she had to start learning some of these lessons. 

As a parent it is so easy to teach your children right from wrong, expectations, and boundaries while they are home with you, sheltered a bit.  Then you send them off and they are exposed to other kids who have been raised by different standards, rules, and boundaries...some more strict and some less.  Now your child must learn to adapt within this group of peers.  These are the reasons they say parenting isn't for the weak. 

It is now my job to advocate for my child, to help teach her how to handle this, and if we are lucky find a way to help the other child as well.  Today is only Tuesday...I think the weekend is going to be a welcome break for us.

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