Snow Day Slime!!! Keeping the Kiddos Busy

With all the snow I am actually running low on supplies for activities.  I tend to buy bottles of glitter glue whenever they are on sale.  Both kids love to glue and they always enjoy making glitter slime.  Plus it's lasts for quite a while and is so fun to play with. 

I had two bottles of elmers glitter glue on hand in purple and orange.  I like using the elmers glitter glue because it saves a few steps in the process.  You could always use the clear Elmers and add in your own glitter and food coloring.  I'll post our recipe and steps at the bottom.  I didn't get pictures of that part.  They mixed while I was washing dishes :)


Supplies Needed
- One Bottle of Elmers Glitter Glue (6fl. oz) in the color of your choice
-Room Temp Water to Fill empty Glue Bottle
-1/2 cup Hot Water
-1/2 Teaspoon Borax

  1. Empty Glue into bowl
  2. Fill empty glue bottle with water and give it a quick shake.  Empty into bowl with glue.  Mix a few minutes until combined (probably won't completely combine...that's ok).
  3. I normally turn the glue bottles upside down (with top on) for a few minutes to get the last of the glue...this step isn't necessary.
  4. In glass measuring cup combine hot water with borax and mix well.  I don't normally let the kids do this part.
  5. Pour Borax mixture into bowl with glue mixture and stir to combine for about a minute.
  6. I then put my hands in and knead it until it feels the right consistency...wait until it looses it's stickyness. 
  7. Transfer to play surface and have at it.
*We store ours in a plastic sandwich bag.

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