Danielle | Southern Maryland Senior Photographer

Danielle's session was done in two parts.  When her Mom mentioned wanting to use their family farm as their session location I jumped at the opportunity.  I absolutely love exploring new locations and I think it's even more awesome when the location happens to belong to the client.

Danielle and her Mom wanted to have some of the photos taken with the soon to arrive baby goats.  Danielle's goat was pregnant and due at the end of the month.  We decided I would come over after they were born and do a mini session with the goats and then explore the rest of the farm.  Now I can tell you I have had many things cause me to have to postpone a session.  Illness and weather are the two main causes for postponing.  As we approached the initial date of our session Danielle's goat still had not given birth.  It was a full week after her due date and nothing.  So here I was sort of "on call" for the birth of goats.  It was pretty amusing and awesome all at the same time.  When another week past and no goat babies had arrived we decided to use Danielle's cousins baby goats instead. 

Still being pretty cold out we waited a few weeks for things to warm up and get a bit greener.  I was so excited to venture onto more areas of their farm.  Danielle and I had a blast together.  Nothing more fun than getting to just "hang out" while I work. 

Thank you to Danielle and her Mom for allowing me to document such a special time in both of your lives.  As someone who was once a senior and is now a Mom I can appreciate just how special this is <3

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