Backyard Spring Playtime | King George Virginia Family Photographer

I don't know about you but warm evenings and late sunsets just seem to me to call for quality time outside.  From spring to fall my family spends our evenings in the backyard.  I love playing with the kids,  sitting on the patio as the sunsets on our back field and just watching the kids make memories.  It's one of my favorites things to do as a family and in the winter I miss these evenings so much.  I don't often have my camera on me...I know that sounds horrible since I am a photographer after all, but honestly, I use my iphone to capture most of our daily moments.  It's portable and the quality of the camera is really good.  I saw this hair though and ran for the real deal.  I mean, come could I not. 

 One of Ava's favorite things to do is sing.  There was an old pallet sitting in the middle of the field and she was using it as her stage. 
 I just had to take a photo of this mop on top of his sweet head.  He practically lived in a hat during the winter so I hadn't really realized how long his hair had gotten.

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