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I am a part of a wonderful group of photographers.  Yesterday within this group there was a wide spread pay it forward (PIF) movement.  It inspired me to PIF here on a local basis and since it's almost Mother's Day, what better way to PIF than to give a deserving Mama out there a session with her mini's...even if those mini's are fully grown and possibly have mini's of their own. 

Here are a few simple rules....

      -->The Mama nominated and her cubs (of whatever age they may be) must be available for 
          their session before July 31, 2016
      -->You can nominate any Mama but please don't nominate yourself.  The idea here is to PIF so 
          do so by nominating someone that inspires you.
      -->The Mama and her children must all be available to meet at a location in either Charles County
          Maryland or King George County Virginia.
      -->The gifted session is non-transferable.  If the nominee opts out of the session I will pick a
          new name from the original list of nominees.

How to Enter...

      -->Email your nominations to Please include your name,
           the name of your nominee, a little bit about the nominee, and why you are nominating them.
      -->You may nominate more than one person but please use a separate email for each nominee.
      -->Nominees must be in by Midnight EST on Friday May 6, 2016

 How the winner will be chosen...

      -->I will be using to select a winner from the list of nominees I receive.
      -->The winner will be announced on FB and IG on Saturday May 7, 2016

What exactly does the winner get.... 

      -->The nominee that is chosen will receive  a complimentary session with her and her children.
           The winner will also receive all edited images from the session.  No purchases will be
           necessary.  All I ask is that the Mom chosen finds some way to pay it forward in the future.  

Time to nominate....please spread the word and lets see how many wonderful Mom's we can get nominated.  Let's spread some good karma!! 

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