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I was asked to come to the Belle Grove Plantation's Annual Civil War Weekend to photograph a special Antebellum themed vow renewal for the wonderful owners, Michelle and Brett.  I first met Michelle and Brett while planning my wedding and discovering the amazing Belle Grove Plantation (birthplace of President James Madison) on a tour of potential venues.  Just driving up the drive lined with trees and seeing the riverfront plantation house was enough....decision made.  While planning the wedding as odds would have it we also ended up buying a house right next to the plantation.  So by the time our wedding was here we were literally getting married at the neighbors.  If you ever have the oppurtunity to stay at Belle Grove you have to do it.  The house is as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than the grounds.  The rooms are stunning and oh my gosh the bathrooms...clawfoot tubs ladies, clawfoot tubs.  Did I mention that Michelle is an accomplished chef as well.  She makes some seriously amazing breakfasts and you will feel so at home, you don't want to go home.

Anyways let me say what an honor this was to photograph Michelle and Brett's vow renewal.  They are the nicest people and it was just so full circle.  The maid of honor was even the officiant at my own wedding.  Such a cool thing to get to now play a role in their own ceremony.  So without further ado...the photos....

 Ok so I'll admit to giggling while I was taking this one.  Everyone was sort of "off-duty" at this point with their reenacting.  We were all waiting on the ceremony to start and just hanging out on the bluff.  So out came the cell phones and cameras and I just had to catch this little scene right here.  Then after putting my normal edit on it I just knew it needed an old timey edit too.  It just made me giggle a little more :)
 It's ceremony time!!!!

 Michelle had her dress custom made to resemble the dress in this painting of Loiuse Corcoran Eustis, which hangs at Oatlands in Leesburg, VA

 and that's a wrap on a beautiful Antebellum wedding.

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