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I think all of us were ready to embrace summer break with open arms.  As bittersweet as it can be to put the previous school year behind you.....the memories, the friendships, and all the lessons learned.

This summer I wanted to focus on taking things slow and making memories.  The next school year is starting several weeks earlier than normal meaning a short summer break.  Hopefully it will feel much longer to the kids than it will for me.  The next school year also brings new beginnings in the form of preschool for little dude.  He is excited to play with all the playdough there so let's hope that is enough motivation for him to go willingly.  I never liked school so it's very hard for me to argue when they say they don't want to go or they don't like it.

I hope they keep some of these memories into adulthood.  I hope they remember the days when they were inseparable.  Soon times will come when they prefer the company of their school friends but for now I am enjoying how much they enjoy each other.

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