"Welcoming Elena" A Fresh 48 Session | MD & VA Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

Not sure if you saw the gorgeous couple whose maternity session I did back in the Spring but this is their sweet baby girl.  She was born on a busy holiday weekend but the hospital was so quiet.  It was such a nice morning and I got to spend it documenting such a special moment.  It is such an honor and privilege to be chosen to capture such sweet memories.  It is why I do what I do.  I just love the thought that years from now my clients and their children, maybe even their childrens-children, will look back at these photos the way I love to look back at my parents/grandparents photos.

For those not familiar with a Fresh 48 session; it is a session that takes place within the baby's first 48 hours.  As a Mom who has given birth I know that those first few days almost always become a big blur.  I can remember bits and pieces but there is so much detail you forget.  These sessions help preserve those memories.

Stay tuned because this weekend I get to go and take even more photos of sweet Elena.

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