Home Sweet Home with Little Elena | Fredericksburg Virginia Lifestyle Photographer

I have enjoyed documenting the beginnings of this families journey from 2 to 3.  It all started with the bump, then the birth, and now bringing sweet baby Elena home.  There is nothing quite like the feeling of bringing your baby home.  I can vividly remember bringing each of my own babes home.  The giddy, slightly scary feeling of bringing your first born home.  Getting there, sitting down, and thinking "ok, now what do we do".  Then with my second I just wanted to be home and have my family all together.  To sit back and watch my daughter take in this new little bundle.  Her curiosity and excitement made any and all worry disappear.  I know Jason and Victoria will remember these moments and if it becomes somewhat hazy (and it usually does) they will have wonderful photos to remind them just how small little Elena once was.  She will one day ask, just as mine do, to see what she looked like as a baby.

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