The Lost Girls | Maryland and Virginia Childrens Photographer

This is another session I shot late in the season last year and held off on posting until this Halloween.  I am doing this years Halloween shoot tomorrow night.  Hopefully I can get them edited and posted by Monday. 

I just love Halloween and dressing up.  It's so fun to experiment with clothes, makeup, and seeing what you can come up with.  Styled sessions are some of my favorite and pretty much all I do with my own children.  I come up with a concept and then go from there.  Sometimes I see an outfit and that inspires me and other times it's a really cool location.  Tomorrows shoot is completely inspired by the location. 

For the "Lost Girls" session I had the idea of doing a wooded session with my daughter and a friends daughter.  I wanted a zombie/dead look without the bloodiness.  I wanted the images to have a cold and sad feel to them.  I'm pretty sure the girls thought we were crazy as we butchered their perfectly good clothes.  They thought the make up was pretty cool but of course questioned our sanity again when we teased their hair and put leaves in it lol.  It's all in good fun though.  I'm so glad I can finally share this session.  It took a lot of planning and prep but it was a blast.

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