The Dark Angel | Virginia and Maryland Child Photographer

I love the Halloween season and an excuse to plan a more dark session concept.  This year I found my location first.  I've actually shot there several times and knew I wanted to do this type of session there but I just couldn't come up with a look to go with the location.  I knew a ghost look would be almost too easy and too expected so I started looking into a maleficent dark queen look.  Then I decided to forgo that idea as well seeing as it was a bit too popular right now.  While doing my search for costume pieces I came across a set of black wings and ordered them.  They were a great price so I figured I'd put it together once they arrived.  From there I was able to easily come up with a costume and make up look. 

My daughter was at first hesitant, mainly the idea of being disrupted that day, and having to go with Mom and take pictures.  Once I got her make up done and we got to the location she was all for bringing this character to life.  Boy did she ever bring this character to life too.  I couldn't be happier with how this session turned out.  Now I have to order her an album....per her request. 

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