Do you offer Boudoir Sessions?

The answer to your question is YES, I do shoot boudoir and in fact it is one of my favorite things to shoot but you won't see my photos published often.  There is a reason for this and I'd like to take a moment to explain. 

I work mostly with brides and women who are doing their sessions for gifts.  Whether it be anniversary, birthday, or a just because gift it is almost always a surprise.  Sometimes the sessions are done as far as a year in advance so my posting the photos would actually ruin the surprise.  This is only part of the reason though.  Here is the big reason.  I want my clients to feel 100% confident that their photos will not be seen.  I have some clients who allow me to add their photos to a private gallery for prospective clients and occasionally I have a few that let me use them for promotional ad's.  Even then I like to keep the identity of those in the public ad's a secret.  Consider it a secret club...I think it's more fun that way.

Want to join the club? 
Contact me for the password which will open up all sorts of fun info for you below.  Packages, my sample gallery, and more details about what happens next.


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