Can I print the images from my session?
Absolutely, in fact I encourage you to please print your images.  I do try to keep my print prices reasonable so that you may take advantage of having access to a professional print lab.  This ensures your prints will last for many generations to come.  If you do choose to print on your own using the digital files you purchased I do highly recommend  

What kind of sessions do you offer?
I enjoy capturing life and all it’s many moments.  I love working with my clients to plan out sessions and get really excited about styling something for them.  It’s always fun to create a unique mood or experience for my clients.  If you happen to be looking for something I may not offer or specialize in I am happy to help you find someone who does.  I belong to a local organization of wonderful photographers and can usually provide several referrals.  So when in doubt, just ask :)

Is there a specific time of day my session has to be held?
For the most part there is a certain time frame that I try to book sessions within.  For example, for most portrait sessions (child, family, couples, etc.) I like to utilize the best possible natural light.  This is typically either within the first few hours after sunrise or those last two hours before sunset.  For boudoir sessions and in home lifestyle sessions I typically schedule them during the day to avoid having to use artificial lighting.  

I am not located near you, do you travel?
I am happy to travel to your location or choose something in the middle for us both.  There is a travel fee for locations more than an hour and a half from my home in King George, Va.  

What happens after the session is over?
After each session I will sit down and begin to cull (sort through) all the images I took at the session.  I will select the best ones to then edit.  Once editing is complete you will receive a link to an online gallery.  You can share that gallery with family and friends, as well as place further print/product orders.

What happens to the images you don’t edit?
The short and sweet answer is they are deleted but here is the reason why.  During your session I will typically take multiple shots of the same scene/pose/etc from multiple angles.  When I sort through your images I will select the most flattering of that cluster of images.  This is just my shooting style and it is why not all images are given.  Don’t worry though...there will still be plenty in your gallery.

How far in advance do you suggest I book my session?
It is always safe to book several months ahead of time but don’t hesitate to reach out and see what I have open.  Keep in mind that April-May and October-November are considered the “busy” season for portrait photography so booking in advance for those months is always best.  

How much is a session?
Portrait sessions start at $250.  I also offer collections for events, boudoir, and other non-portrait sessions.  Throughout the year there will be opportunities to book mini sessions.  These are condensed sessions that are offered on a set date for a lower price.  They are great for updating those pictures in your frames.  Follow me on social media to make sure you are the first to see those listed, as they tend to go fast.

Payment plans are available upon request.  
Gift certificates available!!

For more detailed information please contact me.  

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