New Backdrop Testing

I ordered a new paper roll backdrop that I was excited to get to use.  Luckily Ava was willing to sit and I mean "sit" for a few photos.  She told me she could not to love the independent nature of a three year old.  I have the company who makes the drops sending me samples of all of their colors.  I can't wait to look thru and pick some pretty colors out. 

From yesterday....

 and finally the no more pictures look.  Her exact words were "I'm sorry sweetie but no more pictures now okay". 

Not sure how many more photos I will take before the baby comes but once it does I will be getting lots of newborn goodness up for all to see :)

Almost 38 weeks.....

A few quick "maternity" shots we managed today while testing out the new backdrop stand.  I say we because I had to use my 3.5 year old assistant to actually press the button since I don't have a remote.  She was happy to take turns being both in front and behind the camera.  If fact much like myself I think she prefers being behind the lens.

Still have some editing to do of the ones I took of her with my new bone paper roll :)

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