The Wilson Family | King George Virginia Photographer

I have know Mandi for years and have had the pleasure to watch her family grow.  We have both made moved our families from Maryland to Virginia and I think we are both enjoying the change of pace that brings.  I was elated when she asked me to come out to their house to document their newest addition, baby Clover, and update their family photos. 

One of the biggest gifts my job brings to me is the unique opportunity to document my clients children as they grow.  I love the chance to observe their bonds and relationships and Mandi's kids are always so fun.  Not sure how this Mama does it but she is always smiling and is just one of those people who truly found her gift in being a Mom.  They are one blessed family. 

Kierstan is so happy to finally have a Sister.
See the photo bombing kitty?!?  When I photographed Mandi and Jason's wedding last year this same kitty ran across the aisle during the kiss.

Ariel {6 months} | Maryland and Virginia Family Photographer

Ariel is one of my baby plan babies.  I did her newborn session at her home earlier this year.  I love that I get to watch these babies grow.  The connection between Ariel and her big brother Chase absolutely blew me away.  Often times many parents worry about age gaps between their children.  I myself had a Sister born when I was seven and I can tell you that sometimes those gaps turn into blessings.  Chase so clearly loves and adores his Sister....what a lucky little girl she is.

Dance like No One Is Watching | Virginia Lifestyle Photographer

Sometimes you see your child in their see a glimmer of who they might become because at this moment they are working so hard to become it.  I don't know that she will always dance but I do know she will always find herself in front of a crowd.  She lives and breathes these moments when all eyes are on her. 

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