Little Rylee is 18 months | Southern Maryland Child Photographer

This little lady is always such a doll in front of the camera.  She just loves to play during her sessions and they are always so fun.  I love to capture the spirit and personality of children during their sessions.  I want the parents to be able to look at their child's photos and say "that so them".  That's what I know I love with photos of my own children.  Catching that look, that way they twist their hands, or crinkle their nose.  Child amaze me and they grow way to fast and change so quickly.  They stop doing those little things and you forget that they even did them.  That's why custom portraiture is perfect for child.  Sessions aren't limited to a time frame of a backdrop that the child is supposed to stay in front of.  They are free to be themselves and I am able to capture that.

Here is sweet Rylee so full of love and wonder.

Handsome Little Logan | Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer

 What a sweet mild tempered little baby Logan is.  He barely made a noise during his session.  He was awake for a good part of it just watching us quietly taking it all in.  During one of his breaks to eat I took his big bro outside to play a bit and was able to get a few great shots of him for his Momma.  He wasn't into taking a picture with his baby brother and we didn't want to force him.  Who could blame him...his Daddy was home from work and he just wanted to be outside with Daddy.  Neither brother wanted to miss a minute that day.

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