Virginia Fall Minis | Virginia Photographer

This fall has been so amazing.  The leaves were a little late to change but the weather has been beautiful.  I held my Virginia fall Minis on November 5th and the weather was perfect.  I absolutely loved the location too.  Lots of different options for backdrops, lots of wildlife, and just so unbelievably quiet.  Most of my clients choose to hang around after their session and walk the grounds.  Check out the photos from the day.

my last clients had a fun idea as a gag too.  I just have to share it with you.

Thanks to everyone who came out.  I absolutely enjoyed it!!

Fall Minis Round 1 | Southern Maryland Photographer

The day started off a little cold and windy but thanks to the cover of barns and wooded roads we were able to hide from it a bit.  I'm so grateful for all of the families who came out to my Southern Maryland Mini's this year.  I always look forward to seeing familiar faces and the opportunity to meet new clients. 

Look for a post next week with sneaks of my Virginia Minis.  

The Dark Angel | Virginia and Maryland Child Photographer

I love the Halloween season and an excuse to plan a more dark session concept.  This year I found my location first.  I've actually shot there several times and knew I wanted to do this type of session there but I just couldn't come up with a look to go with the location.  I knew a ghost look would be almost too easy and too expected so I started looking into a maleficent dark queen look.  Then I decided to forgo that idea as well seeing as it was a bit too popular right now.  While doing my search for costume pieces I came across a set of black wings and ordered them.  They were a great price so I figured I'd put it together once they arrived.  From there I was able to easily come up with a costume and make up look. 

My daughter was at first hesitant, mainly the idea of being disrupted that day, and having to go with Mom and take pictures.  Once I got her make up done and we got to the location she was all for bringing this character to life.  Boy did she ever bring this character to life too.  I couldn't be happier with how this session turned out.  Now I have to order her an album....per her request. 

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