Jeremy | King George Virginia Senior Photographer

I can't believe it's almost a new school year.  It feels like the 2015-2016 school year just ended but here it is, almost time for the class of 2017 to have their moment.  Jeremy is a senior at King George High School here in Virginia.  I know his Mom from the elementary school where our daughters go.  When she contacted me about a senior session for her Son I was so excited.  I knew this local spot that would just be so cool for a senior session.  It's a little old and grungy which just creates such a cool backdrop.  Sure there are lots of farms and fields around but sometimes I just love a cool spot with lots of texture.   I think it all worked out perfectly, don't you?!?!

"Welcoming Elena" A Fresh 48 Session | MD & VA Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

Not sure if you saw the gorgeous couple whose maternity session I did back in the Spring but this is their sweet baby girl.  She was born on a busy holiday weekend but the hospital was so quiet.  It was such a nice morning and I got to spend it documenting such a special moment.  It is such an honor and privilege to be chosen to capture such sweet memories.  It is why I do what I do.  I just love the thought that years from now my clients and their children, maybe even their childrens-children, will look back at these photos the way I love to look back at my parents/grandparents photos.

For those not familiar with a Fresh 48 session; it is a session that takes place within the baby's first 48 hours.  As a Mom who has given birth I know that those first few days almost always become a big blur.  I can remember bits and pieces but there is so much detail you forget.  These sessions help preserve those memories.

Stay tuned because this weekend I get to go and take even more photos of sweet Elena.

The Wisseman Family | Southern Maryland Family Photographer

Jessica contacted me shortly after giving birth to her third baby.  She wanted to do a family session and opted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and do the session outdoors.  I think Parker's older siblings were glad to have lots of space to run and play in between and during shots.  I am going to miss these gorgeous summer evening sessions.  They always have such gorgeous light and it doesn't immediately get cold as soon as the sun goes down.  Nothing like a freezing walk back to your car after a sunset fall session.

The Keeters | King George Virginia Photographer

I've known Paige for years now.  She is one of my Sister's high school best friends and I've had the opportunity to photograph her on several occasions.  The camera adores her...she is just so flippin' gorgeous.  This time I got to photograph the whole family.  I met them at one of my all time favorite locations which ironically I've never used for any of Paige's sessions so it was overdue.

Aubrey turns One | Maryland and Virginia Family Photographer

I seriously love this age.  They really start to react to the camera and show their little personalities off.  Aubrey was a little unsure of the damp morning grass but once she explored a bit she was game.  This little bit LOVED her cake too.  It must have been super yummy because she was full of smiles, grins, and lots of ummmmssss.  It was so sweet to watch her just thoroughly enjoy herself.

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