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Gosh, where to start.  First, I can't believe it's almost been a whole year since I finally gained the courage to put myself out there professionally.  I can still remember my first camera a good ole 80's classic....the pocket instamatic.  I had the flip flash cartridges which completely fascinated me.  I loved to see how they burst after they were used.  Somewhere around middle school I got an Olympus film camera (I forget the model) but I thought I was a total photographer with my new ability to capture panoramic photos and some pretty amazing zoom capabilities.    Then high school I moved on to the student SLR...the Pentax K1000 and a nifty 50.  How I do truly miss the dark room.  Sitting in front of a computer screen all hours of the night just doesn't hold a candle to a dark room enlarger.

So anyways I have been the owner of a DSLR for some years now....let's face it these days who isn't?!?  Part of the very reason I didn't "go pro" was the feeling of what really qualified me?  Although I do have several photography classes under my belt I guess I felt like I needed to have a degree or something to be legitimate.  I watched many friends push beyond their insecurites and become some pretty amazing photographers.  Finally thanks to their encouragement I gave in, bought my domain, and here I am just about a year later.  It was scary, intimidately, exciting, and so very rewarding.

When I started I was sort of in a rush to develop "me", my "brand", and had no clue what exactly that was.  So I had a logo done for me and choose blue and purple (probably because I was expecting and didn't know if it was a boy or girl) and then a rose for my baby girl Ava Rose.  Did that fit my style, no, but I had no clue what my style was.   I was desperate for a logo and didn't want to tackle making one myself so I just went with what was offered. 

It's a good logo, for someone, and it was a pretty logo but it just never felt like it fit me.  Kind of like wearing someone else's shoes.  The colors were too bold and the lettering was too loopy and bubbly.  So this time I decided I wold create my logo.  I would design my marketing kit.  I would get over myself and get it done.  After many hours of trial and error and the help of my amazing photographer friends I had this.

 This has the soft, romantic, timeless feel that I have been envisioning.  I love gray, in fact my bedroom is a dark charcoal.  I think paired with pink adds that touch of warmth and softness.  I have been using an antique key stamp to stamp my packages for a while now.  I'm obsessed with them for two reasons based around my childhood.  One was the book the secret garden....ahhh no matter how many books I read nothing will ever be what that book was/is for me.  I still think how amazing it would be to find this old key that unlocks a secret world.  I guess my introverted self has always loved that idea.  The second reason that I love old keys is that an old skeleton key opens the door to what still is and will always be one of my favorite places ever.  My pops basement.  It was the best place to hide from the summer heat...we would play pool and he would show us his cool behind the back moves.  Here are some photos and an old blog post about it on my old blog that I coincedentally haven't posted on in about a year....oops. 

So for me the key represents the ability to unlock something magical and I feel like that is what I am able to do with every session.  Whether it's capturing those amazing Mommy/Baby, Father/Child, blissfully happy couple moments.  The way a family interacts with each other....those real moments that you experience but don't often get to see.  One of my favorites, is that moment when a boudoir client sees her beauty in a way she never has before.  That power and confidence she gains....ahhh amazing. 

That is why I do this....to document this time in history for each of my clients.  To capture their legacy, their bond, their beauty just as it is at that very moment. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my tiny endeavors and thank you to my clients for allowing me to be a part of your moment.  It's been a pleasure and I'm thrilled to see what this next year brings. 

Stayed tuned in the coming weeks...I have something planned for my 1 year anniversary that you won't want to miss. 

From my heart to yours...thank you!!

I Heart Faces | L.O.V.E

I decided to go with a classic couples shot for the "love" theme.  This was taken during a couples session but the look between them is so real that it was one of my favorite shots.

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