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Ariel is one of my baby plan baby's so I am especially lucky to get to document her first year.  I truly enjoy getting to watch these babies grow and develop their little personalities.  Ariel was born right before Thanksgiving but due to various viruses going through my house, a wedding, and the holidays, we were unable to coordinate a good date for her newborn session until the 1st of February.  Since the weekend we worked out was one when her big bro was visiting his Dad we opted to hold off for family photos until her 6 mth session.  So it was just me and this princess and let me tell you, she was a dream.  When she was awake she was so quiet and calm.  Then she slept through the second half and didn't seem to be bothered by me at all.  So basically she was the exact opposite of my two wonderful children whose only form of communication for their first year was screaming.  {Mom's of refluxers...you know what I am talking about} 

Anyways....check out some of my favorite shots...

It must be PINK | My Chalk Paint Adventures

When we started looking at houses I immediately started thinking about the chance to give Ava a big kid room.  We had gone to Ikea and she feel in love with the Svarta Loft Bed.  It comes with an optional desk attachment but she didn't like that it was all silver.  She then got it in her head that she must have a desk and it must be PINK.  Not just any shade of pink but bright fushia pink. 

This, mind you, all started with the pink mirror.  Yes, the pink mirror came before the pink desk.  We were in Lowes when all the college dorm stuff started to appear....so mid Summer.  She saw this bring pink framed mirror which was like $10 and begged for it. I came up with a way she could earn it using her chore chart and wouldn't you know that blasted pink mirror was SOLD OUT by the time she "earned" it.  They only had white and black left and in Ava world those colors are "so not fashion".  So I searched the internet high and low until I found a pink mirror that would suffice.  In fact it was a more expensive better quality mirror that she said would have to work :/  *Note to self...don't procrastinate on procuring cheap mirrors...they sell out.

This is the mirror that started it all...or at least part of the mirror.  I am too lazy to go take a new picture of it.  This pink became the pink that we now had to match. 

 Now my next task was to find a wooden desk that could be painted because this shade of pink isn't really a color choice in the world of desks. 

I found this gem on craigslist for $20 and was able to match the mirror with paint swatches Ava had already picked out. 

I used the DIY method of making chalk paint using plaster of paris.  I used the following recipe..

DIY Chalk Paint

-1 cup of Latex paint (any color of your choosing)
-3 Tablespoons of Plaster of Paris
-1 1/2 Tablespoons of Water

Mix the plaster of paris and water together making sure there are no lumps.  Add that mixture to your paint and combine well.

*The color I used for this project is Valspar Very Berry.

I started with the chair first since it was smaller and had more curves an bends.  As you can see there was really nothing wrong with the color is was other than Ava wanted pink.  The desk showed more signs of wear and would have needed to be repainted regardless.

 OMG the pink!!!!!  Seriously I was a bit frightened about just how PINK this really was.  Go big or go home right!!!  Childhood should be all about color anyways.
 It took three coats to completely cover the white.
 The detail is a bit easier to see here.  The white was a pain to cover but easier than sanding I guess.
I then waxed it using good old Johnson Paste Wax...which by the way smells awful.  I recommend doing this part outside if possible.
The chair before and after....I think it's such a fun color!!!
Here are some before and after shots of her room. 

 Next on my to do list for her room is this dresser.  No it won't be getting the pink treatment.  I think the desk is statement enough.  I'll be painting this white. I've also been working on filling all the cracks in her walls.  Being an old house means lots of work on the walls before painting.  She loves her room though and when it's all done I hope it's everything she dreamed it would be. 

I was once told you should grow with a house.   Not to try to fill it and decorate it all at once.  So we are slowly making this house a home.  I have lots of ideas for Hayden's room but I plan to wait until he grows out of the toddler bed.   

Snow Day Slime!!! Keeping the Kiddos Busy

With all the snow I am actually running low on supplies for activities.  I tend to buy bottles of glitter glue whenever they are on sale.  Both kids love to glue and they always enjoy making glitter slime.  Plus it's lasts for quite a while and is so fun to play with. 

I had two bottles of elmers glitter glue on hand in purple and orange.  I like using the elmers glitter glue because it saves a few steps in the process.  You could always use the clear Elmers and add in your own glitter and food coloring.  I'll post our recipe and steps at the bottom.  I didn't get pictures of that part.  They mixed while I was washing dishes :)


Supplies Needed
- One Bottle of Elmers Glitter Glue (6fl. oz) in the color of your choice
-Room Temp Water to Fill empty Glue Bottle
-1/2 cup Hot Water
-1/2 Teaspoon Borax

  1. Empty Glue into bowl
  2. Fill empty glue bottle with water and give it a quick shake.  Empty into bowl with glue.  Mix a few minutes until combined (probably won't completely combine...that's ok).
  3. I normally turn the glue bottles upside down (with top on) for a few minutes to get the last of the glue...this step isn't necessary.
  4. In glass measuring cup combine hot water with borax and mix well.  I don't normally let the kids do this part.
  5. Pour Borax mixture into bowl with glue mixture and stir to combine for about a minute.
  6. I then put my hands in and knead it until it feels the right consistency...wait until it looses it's stickyness. 
  7. Transfer to play surface and have at it.
*We store ours in a plastic sandwich bag.

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