Boudoir Sneaky Peak | Southern Maryland Boudoir Photographer

I don't often have new boudoir photos to post.  I take my clients safety and security very seriously and if they wish that all photos be private than private is exactly what they get.  This client was cool with faceless shots being shared so here you go...a sneaky peek of some more recent boudoir work. 

If you are interested in boudoir or would like more information on boudoir sessions contact me today.  I'd love to answer any questions you may have. 

Max turns One | Southern Maryland Child Photographer

One of the coolest parts to my job is watching children grow.  It seems like just yesterday I was shooting this little man's 6 month session and now he is one.  I become very attached to my little subjects.  I love the opportunity to catch them at their current stages and get to freeze that little bit of their history. 
How quickly they move thru each stage...since this session Max went from not walking to talking his first steps.
He didn't care too much for sitting in the wagon but he sure loved pushing it.  It's funny because no matter how much planning you put into a child's session at the end of the day we follow their lead.  It's really up to them what we do.  Max wanted to push the wagon and we were happy to let him.  Just look at that face!!
We took the balloons off the wagon and let him play with them.  I just love the excitement of a kid with a balloon....I've yet to meet a kid who doesn't love balloons.
Those eyes...this little man looks a lot like his Daddy but those baby blues came straight from Momma.
Hands down...Max's favorite part of the day was getting to play a little ball.
I'm so glad we added this second location to the session.
I think he is ready to play...what do you think?!?!
We spent a little time in the dugout talking strategy ;)
Max tried to eat another ball
and when Mom took the "yucky" ball Max me some pouty baby face.  Makes your heart melt.

Meet Chayse | Calvert County Newborn Photographer

One of the sweetest things to photograph has to be a tiny baby and all of it's tiny parts...
they grow so quickly
this little guy just wanted to lay back and watch the world
once I left him to observe he was quite content
after a while he did manage a short nap
there is nothing more peaceful than a sleeping baby

My Valentine's Sweeties | DC Metro Photographer

A little behind on posting these. I did this little session to try out some new backdrops and any opportunity I can get to get some new photos of my cuties I snatch right up. My four year old typically has to be'll see the bribe at the end ;)

  Looking so sweet...
 I do love the way she loves him...
They melt my heart...
Mommy's little monster man...
and this folks is how I got her to agree to do sweet valentines photos...we had to end with wolverine and quite a bit of roaring. That's my girl!!!

Mommy & Me Photo Sessions | Mother's Day Maryland Photography Special

In honor of Mother's Day I am offering a special session type.....Mommy & Me!!!

As Mom's we tend to overlook the importance of being in photos with our children.  We have a ton of photos of them and even a bunch with them and their Daddy but often we are left out.  Don't wait until it's too late.  Every day our babies grow a little more....why miss this moment.

Book yours today!!

Miss Rylee's Cakesmash | Southern Maryland Photographer

This was my second time getting to photograph the sweet Miss Rylee. Her Mom contacted me in early January about a cake smash session and our mission for this explosion of pink began.
  The outfit, the cake, the colors, the balloons, this brown eyed beauty....simply perfect!!
 This little lady was an absolute photographer's dream. She sat, she smiled, she ate, she laughed.
and from what I could tell the cake was pretty sweet too.
 I think I want a cake smash for my next birthday...although I doubt it would be nearly this cute :)

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