Find the Balance as a Work at Home Mom

First let me start by saying that I NEVER, like EVER, in my life thought I'd be a work at home Mom.  I'll be honest, I use to think stay at home Mom's did nothing (I blame Peggy Bundy) and then add to that what I use to think of someone who worked at know, conference calls in their pj's.  Well, I am here to say I was WRONG!!!

I use to work in the corporate world and some days I wish myself back there.  Like, I said, this whole stay at home parent thing was never on my radar.  However, shortly after my daughter was born my husband and I sort of decided we wanted our kid (now kids) to have a different childhood than we did.  Not that ours wasn't a good one but we wanted at least one of us to physically be there as much as possible.

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