Freckles | Fredericksburg Virginia Child Photographer

This guy right here seems to have grown in leaps and bounds lately.  There is something that happens after a child turns 3.  They seem to start to quickly morph from a toddler into a kid.  It's a bittersweet process because while their personalities really begin to blossom, as there parent you feel like they literally grow overnight. 

I've noticed this summer that my little mans face is kissed with sweet, sweet freckles.  There is something about freckles that I just love and my camera loves them too.

I also love that one eye squints just a little more when he smiles.  His Daddy's does that too.  

By the way, he is most likely yelling "CHEESE" in the second picture....YUP, my kid does that too!!  I think it's a phase...maybe....right?!?!!

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