Welcome Baby Kelsey | Southern Maryland Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Little Miss Kelsey's session was originally planned to be a hospital session but Mom had to have an emergency c-section and little Miss Kelsey had a battle with jaundice.  Wouldn't you know right after that my kids had colds so we postponed her session a bit to make sure everyone was healthy.

I just adore how in love with Kelsey, her brother Ryan is.  He watched everything I did with her.  He is already on watch :)

Matt & Tiffany | Southern Maryland Couples Photographer

Matt and Tiffany are such a sweet couple.  We met at one of my favorite spots.  I did my massage clinicals here and have been in love with the campus ever since.  Combine that with the beautiful historical buildings and it's a win for great backdrops.  Oh and of course the sun here is always just right.  Oh how I love the sun!!!

The Green Family | Calvert County Family Photographer

Oh my what a windy day this was.  The temperature was decent but the windy was crazy.  Lindsey carried a brush with her to try to keep everyone's hair tame.  It also happened to be a busy photographer day as well.  We tried a few of the "hot spots" at first but I like to shoot wide so we quickly moved to a lesser known location that I like to take my own kids to just for them to run around.

Max is 18 Months | Calvert County Child Photographer

I've been taking photos of this little man since he was 6 months old.  I love getting to watch him grow. 

While editing these I was hit by how much he just looked so grown up walking away from the camera.  It's amazing how you can see a child standing in front of you and still see the baby your mind wants to see, but then magically once the photo is taken you suddenly see how much they have grown. 

Max is going to be a big brother in just a few months.  The next time I take pictures of him they will be sibling pictures.  That makes my heart so happy.  I Can't wait!!!!


Steven & Brittany Engagment | Southern Maryland Engagement Photographer

Brittany and I went to church together growing up.  Our Grandparents are still in the same Sunday School class together.  So, of course, I was beyond thrilled when she contacted me about doing her engagement session.  She and Steven have amazing chemistry as a couple and I think that really shows through in their photos.   I'm so excited for their wedding and know if will be beyond beautiful.

We had our session on a crisp fall evening.  It had been really windy the week leading up to the session and with every gust of wind I cringed as I watched the leaves fall to the ground.  I was so thankful that their were still some left on the trees for our session.

Mackenzie | Southern Maryland Child Photographer

This princesses Mommy and I went to High School together.  I always enjoy seeing my friends children grow.  I can see so much of her Momma in her sweet little face. 

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