August Already | King George Virginia Photographer

It seems everything goes faster once your kids are in school.....including summer break.  I've tried to space out back to school purchases over the summer so that once these final days/weeks got here I could focus on enjoying them and not on prepping for back to school.  I am so thankful I did that because here I am watching them play operation and knowing that soon our routine is going to change dramatically.

For the most part I've let them sort of go by the flow each day.  Some days they choose to stay in their pj's, other days they want to leave early and come back late.   There have been lots of playing, lots of negotiating, and lots of bickering too.  I know that Ava is ready to go back to school whether I am ready for it or not.  She is my extrovert and she is ready to have that outlet again.  I am ready for her to have that but I am not ready for shorter days.  I LOVE going out in the evening and letting them play.  I will mourn summer evenings all winter long.

I am however ready for fall clothes, brisk mornings, fires, and holiday traditions.  Today though, I will savor this moment right here.

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