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Yesterday was Easter and our Easter bunny was very good to our kiddos.  Instead of lots of candy they got lots of supplies for fun activities....side walk chalk, birdhouses with paints, bubbles, books, new rain boots, silly puddy, garden tools, etc. 

A week ago my Mom and I ran into tractor supply to find rain boots for the kids baskets and found the cutest little garden kits.  My Mom picked one up for each kid as part of their Easter gifts from her.  These made perfect day one activities for spring break.  *Spring break survival demands lots of activities to keep kiddos busy...sanity is a constant Mom struggle especially with both kids home

 Each kit contains six packs of seeds, a soil tablet, six stakes, a small pencil, a cardboard egg carton, a spreadsheet to track growth results, and directions. 
Waiting while I got everything ready...I had to go back in for scissors and warm water...I always forget something.
 Pouring the water over soil tablet thing.  They liked watching it expand and soak up the water.
 Time to mix it all up
 Then they filled each of the 12 compartments with dirt.
Now today was in the low 70's and apparently that was too much heat for my daughter so she asked if we could move to the shade.  I thought that was a bit chilly but she was happy.
 This is Ava's kit which has a collection of flowers that are great for day time and attract butterflies. 
 Her kit (The Kaleidoscope kit) included:  Rainbow Zinnias, Cosmos, Nasturtiums, Dwarf Yellow Sunflowers, Lilliput Zinnias, and Blue Bachelor's Buttons.

 The kids were fascinated by all the different sizes and shapes of the seeds.
 She decided she needed her gloves on to continue...thanks Easter bunny for the cool new gloves.
 Waiting on his Sissy to get her gloves on....
 Are we ready Missy?!?!?!
Filling Hayden's with dirt
 His kit is the Little Good Night Garden Kit and it came with the following seeds:  Evening Stock, Evening Primrose, White Cosmos, Pink Four O'clocks, Yellow Four O'clocks, and White Four O'clocks.  These are all flowers that either open at sunset, reflect the moon, or let off sweet smells in the evening.
 Hayden ran and got a "flower" for his Sissy to smell.

 They really liked the size differences in this kit since it contained some teeny tiny seeds.  Ava found it interesting to compare the different colors of the various 4'oclock seeds. 
 I'm excited to see how Hayden reacts to his flowers sprouting.  Ava grew seedlings last year in preschool and was so amazed to see green start to poke through the dirt.
 With their completed kits
 I really love that these kits came with everything they needed.  We opted to get the flower garden kits because we are doing a seperate container garden.  The company does carry a veggie garden kit though which looked like a lot of fun too.  There is another kit I'd like to get because it had some unique things to grow like birdhouse gourds, pumpkins, and luffa sponges.  That one is called the little Summer Fun Garden.  We got ours at tractor supply but I also found them on amazon for anyone interested.
 The kits included these little spreadsheets to document the measurements of your seedlings, if you watered them, and it tells you when it's time to plant them in the ground.  Ava likes documenting things and Hayden loves to measure so I think they will both enjoy this.
Part 2 will be posted in approximately 21 days or whenever our seedlings are ready to go outside.  More Spring Break fun coming soon!!!

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